Film Photographer


Great clients make photographing a wedding (or any photo session for that matter) so much easier. I definitely lucked out with Ailene and John since these two are among the most chill people out there. I’m so appreciative of the couple’s willingness to carefully plan the day months ahead since this wedding encompassed multiple locations. As a result, the day pretty much went by without a major hitch!

This wedding also presented me with some new challenges as it was my first to shoot primarily with my film camera. Despite needing a bit more honing of skills on my end, it was a very rewarding learning experience, and I’m dying to shoot more film at weddings in the future! Congrats again, Ailene and John! Glad to call you both my friends and Pokémon Go buddies haha!

Date: September 9, 2018

Reception Venue: 1862 David Walley’s Resort Hot Springs & Spa, Genoa, NV

Film Processing: The Find Lab

Digital Processing: Mastin Labs

Photographer: Mark Talavera Photography

Florals: Inside Designs

Cake: Swedish Princess Cake from Fransz’s Backstube

Dress: Boulevard of Dreams (now closed)

Hair & Makeup: Shelby Nicole Hedman at Jenson and Co.

Suit Rentals: Men’s Warehouse

Chinese Desserts: Honey Bakery Reno

DJ: McClain’s Mobile DJ